Agent of Progress Research Project History

The Progress Project began development in 2008 as a strategic plan to mitigate Great Recession related losses of productive Americans’ personal and retirement plan savings and non-profit organizations’ losses of endowment funds.  As a result of Great Recession losses American savers had multi-trillion-dollar retirement savings deficits and 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations had multi-trillion-dollar endowment deficits.

The Progress Project accessed findings of decades-long research, the Economics of Life Research Project, the Doctors Research Project, and the Permanent Endowment Research Project to devise a strategic plan and develop evidence-based planning programs to implement a loss recovery and savings multiplication process that would recover Great Recession losses and build future retirement savings and endowment assets for productive individuals.  The outcome of this initiative was the creation of the New Economic Order Planning Program.

Beginning in 2009, resources were identified that were required to implement the Progress Project strategic plan to create 220,000 defined benefit pension plans and to create 8,300 Permanent Endowment Programs to mitigate 501 (c) 3 Organizations’ endowment savings deficits.   An operating entity, ASK Consulting, LLC, was formed to contract with consultants, life insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions to gain access to the guaranteed outcome financial instruments that were required by the New Economic Order Planning Program.

Pilot projects to test the effectiveness of New Economic Order Planning Program components were initiated in Hawaii, Southern California, and Utah.   After the successful completion of the first round of pilot projects, a second round of pilot projects were initiated in Indiana and Colorado in 2012 to develop personalized, annual, capital accumulation plans for highly productive individuals and endowment creation plans for affluent individuals.

In 2014 a project was initiated with a Vermont based technology company, PlanGen, to integrate the New Economic Order Planning Program’s personalized written capital accumulation plans with custom designed pension plan proposals that integrated values of guaranteed outcome life insurance company protection and life income products into the planning process for highly productive individuals.   This digital integration of evidence-based, personalized planning with customized pension design that included the values of guaranteed outcome plan funding instruments of life insurance companies provided a unique platform to accomplish the objectives of the Progress Project through the implementation of the New Economic Order Planning Program.

Commercial bank depository and lending programs were also developed and integrated into the New Economic Order Planning Program capital accumulation planning component to accumulate funds for highly productive individuals to fund asset protection programs and pension plans, and to deploy leverage to accelerate the accumulation of retirement savings.

Employer Cash Management Accounts accumulate highly productive individuals’ pre-tax surplus earnings and allocate these funds to acquire income and asset protection plans and to fund pension plans.  Pension accelerator loan programs enable highly productive individuals to increase their annual pension contributions by $90,000 a year for five years, which creates $1 million more retirement savings than they would have had in their existing financial structures.

The 2017 Jobs Creation and Tax Act provided the Progress Project the opportunity to develop an additional catastrophic loss and guaranteed life income planning program component for the New Economic Order Planning Program, the 199A Plan.  The Progress Project strategic plan was expanded to include the creation of 220,000 199 A Plans to further mitigate productive Americans’ retirement savings deficits.

In 2018 the Progress Project strategic plan was expanded to include capital accumulation planning programs for millennials and for GenXer’s.   A smartphone application, Clarity Money, was integrated into the New Economic Order Planning Program to provide a personal cash management system for Millennials and GenXer’s that enabled them to acquire catastrophic loss protection and guaranteed life income programs that are underwritten by life insurance companies that provide financial instruments to the New Economic Order Planning Program.

In 2019 the Progress Project initiated the recruitment of 8500 New Economic Order Planning Program Financial/Endowment Consultants to implement the New Economic Order Planning Program.  New Economic Order Planning Program consultant training and mentoring programs that include training in the Agent of Progress Communication, Marketing, and Sales System have been created to develop highly competent financial/endowment consultants.

A monthly series of “New Economic Order Planning Program” recruiting seminars for life insurance agents, and a separate “Career Opportunity” seminar for college graduates and other productive individuals seeking financial services industry careers was also developed.  New Economic Order Planning Program recruiting seminars are scheduled, regionally, across the United States during the next five years.  Monthly Agent of Progress System and New Economic Order Planning Program training programs also will be scheduled, regionally, across the United States, as the Progress Project expands the New Economic Order Planning Program distribution channel during the next five years.